Student Evaluations

"Being a Social Psychology course, obviously most of the content was very relatable, some in a sensitive way.

She always did a good job of making sure everything was normalized and was not biased in any way about any of it. I

know I feel better about myself as an individual after this class."

-Fall '18

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Every semester, students at the University of Connecticut provide anonymous, online feedback on the course and the course instructor. This is a formalized process for instructors of record (IORs), but the Department of Psychological Sciences still asks students to complete a version of such evaluations for graduate teaching/lab assistants as well. With each review period, I take the time to read my evaluations thoroughly, and consider what went well and what could be improved for the next. As such, my evaluations have consistently improved over the years, as reflected in my student letters of recommendation, and culminating most recently in a recognition from the provost for excellence in teaching.

Links to repositories with the full reports from each course I have taught can be found below:

Instructor of Record

Graduate Teaching/Lab Assistant


Student Recommendations

Student: PSYC 1100 (Hartford campus) Fall '17 and PSYC 2700 (Storrs campus) Spring '19

Honor's thesis student mentee, AY 2016-2017

Honor's thesis student mentee AY 2015-2016